Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plaid Obsession

So, I know that it really isn't the season for plaid. But I love it so!! Red plaid is my favorite color. I need more of it in my life.

These are my plaid tights. They make my life.

Plaid heels? Who knew?

Plaid purse! Want it!

The model looks a bit scary, but I love the vest.

fashion. yes!

This hat is so amazing. It outranks my tan colored one by so many awesome points.

cute little plaid dress, now replacing the cute little black dress!

EARRINGS!!! Another one of my obsessions. I definitely hoard them.

This is so pretty! I love the lace combined with the plaid.

Plaid jacket :)

The typical plaid lumber jack long-sleeved shirt. I want one so bad.

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